Solid surface

Solid Surface Worktops

Solid Surface Worktops Are Becoming More And More Popular In Kitchens And Bathrooms

Solid surface worktops

Solid surface worktops are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms throughout the house. Diamond Worktops is a firm that specializes in solid-surface worktops. Diamond Worktops has been manufacturing solid surfaces for decades and understands them all. We’ve got the most up-to-date information about a variety of finishes and materials used in production, as well as frequently asked questions about everything from design flexibility to heat tolerance. We’ll go through what you need to know before purchasing your next set of worktops.

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Some of the Solid surfaces that we can supply and install are

Corian – Hi-Macs – Staron – Tristone – Hanex – Meganite – Wilsonart – Krion – Mirostone – Mistral – Velstone – Avonite

What is a solid surface worktop?

Natural quartz crystal and glass or acrylic polymer resins (the primary components used to create the item) are melted down at extremely high temperatures to produce a liquid-like substance for Corian® or Dupont™ Zodiaq® solid surface kitchen worktops. This mixture is then placed on a horizontal spinning plate drenched with cold air from beneath, causing the material to cool rapidly and turn into a solid sheet. When you examine it closely, you can see tiny bubbles in the substance, just like when plastic is baked in the oven!

We’re talking about engineered quartz worktops here. This implies that it’s not a natural stone but a manufactured product such as laminate worktops. The top advantages of these types of surfaces include: Long-lasting – virtually unbreakable and simple to maintain; Hygiene – can be swiftly wiped clean and does not require sealing or re-sealing; Design – a wide range of colours and styles available; Cost-effective option to natural materials.

Solid surface

A solid surface has all the advantages of natural stone but not the limitations.

Natural stone has a variety of appealing colours and textures, making it an excellent choice for both formal and informal areas. It also provides heat resistance, flame retardant, and sanitary qualities that make it popular among homeowners. It’s an excellent backdrop for sinks, worktops, and cladding in the eyes of many clients. However, other people worry that the stone may break, become unrepairable, and get the perfect finish. The primary difference between solid surface and stone is the number of benefits it provides to the user over stone: strength, durability, and an almost clinical fresh aesthetic to a space or project. Whether you’re building a conventional or custom-built kitchen, a residential or commercial workplace, a bespoke-made, and designed office or reception area, we can make it to your exact specifications and dimensions. You have so many more design alternatives now that you can choose from. You may combine smooth curves, bends, and rolling edges that aren’t possible with stone. Give us a call if you want to create your dream home or business location! Non-porous, antibacterial, adaptable, and ecologically friendly are just a few of the qualities that our solid surface producers strive for with their goods. With more than 300 material options across worktops and countertops in matte or high-gloss finishes. In general, the same manufacturers will also sell prefabricated sinks that can be seamlessly integrated into any solid surface. They’re great for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and other commercial restrooms.

We specialize in custom-made, high-quality wood or glass worktops for your home. We offer a wide range of styles and sizes to help you make the best decision possible when it comes to creating a one-of-a-kind statement piece easily installed in any kitchen.

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The advantages of using the solid surface for your kitchen worktop surface, commercial projects, such as shop counters, commercial kitchens, hospitals, and medical centres.

  • Stain- and repellent-resistant.
  • Non-porous Surface
  • There are no germs or bacteria on the surface.
  • No sealing required
  • It’s simple to maintain and clean.
  • Fabricating massive sizes and designs is simple.
  • Easy to repair
  • There are a variety of colours to choose from, with everything from matte to high-gloss finishes.
  • It’s possible to mould and form them into beautiful designs.

The versatility of a solid surface is unparalleled. You may use it in any environment with great success. Throughout the United Kingdom, it’s employed in both residential and commercial projects.


Are solid surface worktops worth the money?

If you’re looking for the best worktops that are not only tough but also incredibly durable, then look no further than a solid surface. Solid surfaces can last years longer than natural stone or wood due to their low porosity, which makes caring easier because liquids will never seep into these materials and cause swelling over time- protecting against damage from occurring in some cases! Because their surfaces absorb nothing, polished worktops are highly stain-resistant and scratch-proof. This means that you may use any cleaning chemicals on them without harming their appearance over time. They’re also heat resistant up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so they can handle hot pans and dishes without causing harm to your current worktops.


Repairing Solid surface worktops

Solid surface worktops can be tricky to repair if they’re damaged. Although the material is resistant, cracks and scratches could end up trapped within it as you use your knives on an unprotected board-which will chip or crack those surfaces underneath! To avoid this from happening, make sure you have a cutting board next time around so that these problems don’t occur in the first place.

If you know what sort of solid countertops you want in your kitchen or bathroom before purchasing, solid surface worktops are also relatively simple to install. Because no natural stone is used in their manufacture, they can be manufactured much quicker and cut to size with ease.


Frequently asked questions

What Is The Process For Producing Solid Surface Kitchen Worktops?

Solid surface worktops are created from a mix of acrylic resins, pigments, and fillers. These raw materials are mixed to make molten plastic then poured into a mould in liquid form. Once the resin has cured, it’s heat-treated before being cut into manageable slabs for installation. The curing process produces solid surfaces’ exceptional strength and durability far surpasses granite or quartz, which are significantly easier to chip.

What Are The Many Forms Of Solid Surface Worktops?

The most popular solid surface materials include: Acrylic Resins – a non-porous, standard material; Polycarbonate Resins – a multi-purpose material that is waterproof and highly durable; Polyester Resins are high-solid-sheet glosses with a long life.


Other Benefits of Solid surface worktops

  • ACHIEVING BETTER HEAT/FIRE RESISTANCE: Other kitchen worktop materials, such as laminate, are far less resistant to heat than solid surfaces.
  • SURFACE: The non-stick surface makes it easy to clean. It’s also dishwasher safe, which is helpful for people without access to a sink. Solid surface kitchen worktops are likewise resistant to heat so that you can cook with confidence on them. They won’t be damaged in any way because they’re solid surfaces, unlike traditional wood or laminate work.
  • HARD FINISH: Solid surfaces, on the other hand, have a harder, more glossy sheen that resists dirt and germs, making them far easier to keep clean and sanitary than laminate or wood.
  • IS A SOLID SURFACE WORKTOP: It’s made by mixing resin, powdered pigments and fibres to form a robust, homogeneous mass that may be coloured and patterned in nearly any way. The completed item is then attached to a support such as plywood or MDF etc.

Solid Surface Worktops Come in a variety of styles



This worktop is backed by a 10-year Limited Installed Warranty, thanks to DuPont’s unique composite of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer. You can shape the material using a blowtorch, creating any fantastic organic curve you want; even build an island with seamless wrap-around surface designs.

This countertop, made of Corian®, has an etched design on top or back-lit LED lights that illuminate through for some stunning lighting effects at night. All without losing the ease of cleaning or maintaining your kitchen surfaces. Customers adore this space-age material, as do designers.

Is Corian a Durable Kitchen Worktop?

Corian is scratch and heat resistant, but it is not as scratch or heat resistant as Granite, Quartz, or Dekton porcelain. However, sanding light scratches away is simple.

Is Corian Susceptible To Any Form Of Upkeep?

Corian does not need an initial treatment. Cleaning with a soft cotton cloth and mild detergent will be enough. You can use a diluted bleach solution to remove anything more substantial, such as staining.

Where Can i Use It?

If you want a seamless worktop connection with your sink in Corian, this is the perfect option.

What Colour Is Corian?

Corian comes in a wide range of colours, so you’re sure to find one that complements your design. It’s suitable for separating architectural designs from contemporary style kitchens with white. Avoid choosing dark tones in Corian because they tend to highlight and reveal scratches and scuffs more, especially under sunlight.


VillaHome Quartz

The Villahome Quartz series of surfaces is heat, stain, and scratch-resistant. It also has the advantage of not being a material that requires sealing. This non-porous substance stays beautiful thanks to its lack of maintenance requirements. With just a little soapy water and gentle detergent, it’s simple to keep clean.

Quartz worktops from VillaHome may be adjusted to match your unique design ideas and preferences. With a huge palette of 50 distinct colours and hues, you may mix and match to create your distinctive look. The biggest slabs available is Jumbo, which measures 3200mm x 16000mm and allows for a broader range of design possibilities when creating large kitchens, with possibly Island worktops included in the plan. The thickness of the stone varies between 20mm and 30mm.

Villahome Quartz is especially suited for your house since it is a non-porous material that does not carry germs and bacteria, making it ideal for use in the kitchen or any other area where you need a safe, clean surface. You may use it in bathrooms, commercial spaces such as large food preparation firms and retail stores. With so many possibilities, it’s a first-rate multi-purpose work surface or countertop.

A 25-year warranty is included with Villahome Quartz. With total peace of mind, you can rest assured!


Dekton Worktops by Cosentino

This space-age synthetic material is stain- and scratch-resistant, and it can even withstand your red wine. This unique surface can even absorb heat from your dinnerware and pans directly out of the hot oven.

Dekton can be moulded and fabricated to meet your needs, and it comes in a variety of colours and finishes, from industrial matte to high-gloss mirrors. Dekton is a material that kitchen designers have been dreaming about for ages!

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